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Bishal Organization aims to facilitate the entrepreneurial concept of the youth for strengthening the economy of the country by investing fund in more than fifty startup companies as well as providing employment to over thousand youths until 2081 B.S.

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You are welcome to the official website of the Bishal Organization. This company has been working in the fields of tourism, agriculture, hotel, media, and economic sector (share market) as well as investing and managing funds for the innovative ideas of the youth and creating new opportunities for them. The long term goal of the company is to extend investments in all three sectors: service, business, and industry. This company will always be seeking for innovative ideas. The chairman of the company, Mr. Bishal Gaire along with his team is undertaking this campaign of making the country ... Know More

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Bishal Gaire

Bishal Gaire is the chairman of Bishal Organization as well as the founder and group CEO of its sister companies which fund investments for the new startup companies. Being a creative, confident, and hard-working young entrepreneur himself, Gaire has been successful in the entrepreneurial sectors that he has been leading over time. Founder of the Bishal Foundation, non-profit organization established under the Social Responsibility Program, Bishal Gaire also has interests in literature, sports, social service, and politics. Worked as a Director at Council for International Relations and Economic Development Nepal, Gaire has been associated with Rotary International and a dozen other organizations at present. The members, well-wishers, and target groups associated with the organization believe that the company will attain greater height under his efficient leadership in the coming days. Read More
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Bishal Organization was established in 14th Poush, 2074 B.S. with the investment from the economic experts and recognized entrepreneurs of Nepal. By giving training to the youth having innovative ideas, the company has been investing funds in their concepts in the company model and managing funds for the innovative ideas of the youth and creating new opportunities for them. 

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