Message from the Chairman

Positive mobility leads towards a successful entrepreneurship

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. However, the freedom that you get being an entrepreneur cannot be achieved in other fields. Therefore, the one who can take risk, possesses creative ideas and is determined towards his/her goal can become an entrepreneur. Bishal Organization is not a business rather it is an investment company that invests in the businesses that come out of the creative thoughts of the new young generation. We want to set up as many startup companies as possible in the country. For this, we prioritize those ideas that give more profit, are innovative as well as techno-friendly. It is inevitable to develop the industrial sector for strengthening the national economy. To retain the outgoing talent from the country, the company aims to provide necessary training, seed funding, and helping the youth in developing their ideas into business plans and finally leading to the state of registering their companies. By doing this, we target to run hundreds of companies under the umbrella of our company.

Our dream is a challenging one. It is not easy to get success in entrepreneurship when you have tangled rituals, processes and unstable policies in front of you. It will take time to bring a new generation in the corporate culture when they are so desperate for immediate results. We are fully aware of this situation. We believe that big changes and achievements in the world were possible because of positive thought, perseverance and more importantly the helping hands. We are certain that we will materialize our dream with your support in our journey. We want to make our corporate guidelines and work procedures one of the best in the world. We want the members not to feel pressure but freedom while working with us and undertake his/her business with sheer interest and passion. It is your choice whether you want to become an entrepreneur and carry out your creative ideas or work in another's company. Our motto is: One Home, One Entrepreneur. We want our country to prosper. We do not want anybody in the world to die from starvation. We want everyone to prove the meaning of their birth. We expect your continuous support in our mission for developing an entrepreneurial society. Thank you for taking the time to visit the Bishal Organization website.

Bishal Gaire


Bishal Organization Pvt. ltd